25 September 2008

Today's Sunshine Recipient: WWD!

Robbie, of We Want Dunham!, is todays BLOWING SUNSHINE UP YOUR ASS recipient, because he totally hooked me with camp pictures! Mr Dee is charming, and handsome, and has great hair, and he takes amazing photos, and has impeccable taste in music, and women!

So if you visit either link, you can take a gander at his awesome photos from camp! Taken yesterday! I, however, will regale you with the photos of Karppa! I know, just try and act surprised, okay? Thx.

Who am I kidding? Here's Moose and Pony (Pavelec! He does have an animalistic nickname!):

Also, Colby and Kovy, and Perrsy:

 And now onto Karppa!

Preparing for the ATL regional break-dancing championships.

So in summation, send me photos you took and I will also blow sunshine up your ass. If they're really super duper awesome photos, I will reward you with a prize!

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