04 September 2008

Fantasy.... hates me

I'm not too much of a football girl. I mean I grew up watching it with my daddy, and I understand the game perfectly. It's just, you know, slow. Stand around stand around stand around stand around THROWTHEBALLRUN stand around stand around stand around. Zzzzzz. But this year I am a little excited to see football back! And to start the season with a Thursday nighter with the Skins, no less (my team, obviously). So in all my excitement, I joined 2 fantasy teams - one where you just pick the winners, I guess that's a pick 'em league? And the other ... WELL I WOULD KNOW WHAT IT WAS IF YAHOO WOULD ASSIGN ME TO A LEAGUE AND I COULD, YOU KNOW, DRAFT PLAYERS. The FUCK, Yahoo!? I mean I am watching the NFL on my TV! It is live! And not preseason! Where are my players! Where is my team! What the shit! Do you have a league I can join? Yahoo hates me.

And to add bad to worse, I was listening to The Junkies this morning and they were saying how Jason Campbell has a better QB rating than Eli, and EVEN THOUGH Campbell only had half as many completions despite the better completion record, I STILL decided to pick the Skins to win this one. Like changed my choice at 11 this morning. This is why I am perpetually in the basement in fantasy. I thought Pick 'Em would be perfect for me but noooo. Already fucking it up.

Who's doing fantasy hockey this year? We should get a league together. C'mon, you need someone to be last in your league, and I am that person!


Mortimer Peacock said...

Big Shooter and I just were talking about fantasy hockey. I've never done it and have no clue how to go about it, but it sounds fun in a ridiculous sort of way.

robbie dee said...

i'm always down for fantasy. i heart it. i tried to put together a league of bloggers last season and that failed miserably. however, i plan on putting together the same league as i always do and you're definitely invited... when i finally get on my ass and do it. which will be soon. promise!