02 September 2008

Thanks, Puck Daddy!

Ahh! Link! Thank you! I should put something Thrasher-related up top here, eh? Right. About that...

Training camp begins on the 12th or 19th? I might know this if I had something called "free time," alas.

But like, two weeks-ish until camp! CAMP! Daily reports on hockey! Photos! Videos! Exhibition games! And then! The season! Puck drop v the Caps.

However, prior to that will be the opening pre-season game, v Stanley Cup Champion Red Wings. I will, however, remind you of that game of all games. Granted, the game Hoss starred in, however! The last game we played against them had a pretty great ending. Optimism ahoy! I am purposely not reading any early prognostications, as what is the point? All we've seen thusfar is rookie camp, and that's definitely not any sort of measure of the team's performance. However, I am all for predicting the division based on off-season moves to date:

Southeast Division prediction, by me!
1. Washington Capitals
2. Tampa Bay Lightning
3. Atlanta Thrashers
4. Carolina Hurricanes
5. Florida Panthers

Can't give you points, but I'll call a spread of 17 between Caps and Cats, and 5 between Caps and Thrash.

All that said, Puck Daddy does have a great preview up.

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