08 September 2008

Thrashers on the boob tube

Listen, before you give me the gears about using an expression older than dirt, my dad used to say it and yes I know there are not tubes in modern TVs. Moving right along.

So I was scoping out the Thrash-on-TV schedule Ben posted a couple days back, presumably that the Thrashers put together, and one thing struck me as odd. Think you can tell me what it is?

See where it says "No TV" .. that's a big fat lie. And let me tell you why. Even I, out in the middle of bumblefuck, can get Center Ice. And not just Center Ice, but also, the sports package that beams the sports stations of every single major market in the US right into my home. If I want to watch Buffalo v Atlanta? I PUT IT ON MSG.

I'm just sayin', you got options is all.

You're welcome.

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