10 September 2008

Edited AGAIN: Blogger Fantasy League

I signed up for a league. Because that patience thing? Yeah, never heard of it.

http://http://hockey.fantasysports.yahoo.com/hockey <-- oops. My bad. Fixed now!

League ID: 25888
PW: lehtonen <-- fixed that, too!

PLEASE NOTE! This is a points league. It is not head-to-head and it is not rotisserie. Screw that crap. I love points leagues!

I hope to be kicking your ass in fantasy shortly!


robbie dee said...

i've yet to do the points league thing, how does it work?

Maali said...

In layman's terms, s/he with the most points wins!

Point values are assigned to pretty much everything - goals, assists, PIMs, fow/fol, there's a whole huge list. anyway, at the end of the week, it counts up the totals, et voila. We have a winner for the week. Although I think about it a lot more as a full-season type of thing, rather than week-to-week. It puts the fun back in fantasy. :)

Mortimer Peacock said...

I tried to sign up for this thing and it told me the password was incorrect. What gives?

robbie dee said...

same here, MP. give me fantasy or give me death, maali!

Maali said...

Sorry boys, it was like 3 am I probably typed it wrong. It is now (and this should be easy to remember)



robbie dee said...

yuhyuhyuh, i'm in! shame on us, we should've guessed that PW as this IS kari central! :P

Maali said...

It wasn't that BEFORE, but it was totally middle of the night when I typed the first one, which WAS blogs08 I thought. Maybe I mistyped. It didn't ask me to confirm. Why do I bother making it anything BUT Lehtonen? Hah.