10 October 2008

And THAT is how you do it!

7 - 4

There was a lot of this.
Well played, boys. Very well played. Good effort all around. Can we repeat it tomorrow in Miami?
More photos later.


pkwaldrop said...

This is not a fragile hockey team.

Oh... and... Brashear or a few of his team mates must be hurt.

Going dirty after an 18 year old rookie with 20 seconds left in a game is beneath the Capitals franchise. What an embarrassment.

pkwaldrop said...

Just watched the Brashear-Bogosian thing again. Wow what an embarrassment. Punching an 18 year old rookie while the refs are breaking a scrum is Avery level scumbag crap. Gene Hanlon would be proud, but Bruce Boudreau's teams are above that crap.

Suzanne B said...

Eric Perrin = the little engine that could ;) He was all over the place! Even though he only got an assist on that second goal it was ALL HIM.

I almost threw up during the penalty shot I was so nervous. Good for Kari!!

Poor Bogo. He did not have a very good game and then Brashear punching him?!

Michael said...

Beudreau should be sent back to the minors for sending Brasher after Bogo

DMG said...

(1) Brashear fought Bogosian because Bogosian hit one of his teammates from behind in the last minute of a three goal game.

(2) First off, the Caps former coach's name is Glen Hanlon. Second, the only reason he ever sent his tough guys on the ice a couple years ago was that Andy Sutton tried to take off Mike Green's head with an elbow in the last minute of another game that was already decided (in the Thrasher's favor).

You take runs at another team, you'll have to answer for it. Despite what the Thrashers announcers keep trying to tell people with their pandering, this team isn't any different.

pkwaldrop said...

Sorry if I mistype the name of another team's failed coach. Kind of like leading your second point with the phrase First off.

And if that hit from Bogosian was too rough perhaps your boys should rethink their career.