11 October 2008

We've got a new rivalry, thanks to Brashear!

OK seriously. What. Is this his "welcome to the NHL" moment or something? Are you effin' kidding me? What a jerkoff. Brashear is an embarrassment to the game at this point. I'll put him right up there with Chris Simon and ... OK well at least Sean Avery is mostly harmless, just entertaining and irritating. But this is deplorable, and I sincerely hope the league looks into this. Not that a $10k fine will mean shit to someone like Brash, but still.

There's an hilarious interview with Brashear, by The Junkies that makes you wonder if he and Marion Barry share a connection. Wink wink nudge nudge. Also makes one wonder if he's just a liiiiiittle too concussed to keep playing the game. I can't find it on their site or iTunes, but I might still have it on my other computer. If so, I'll upload for your entertainment purposes.

Next post will be photos. Keep an eye out.


Mortimer Peacock said...

Deplorable indeed. Brashear is such a brave soul and all, going after an 18 year old.

Worse than Avery by far.

DMG said...

If Bogosian didn't want to have to fight he shouldn't have hit a Capitals player from behind with twenty seconds left in a three goal game. You do that, you have to answer, no matter who you are.

And the fact that Bogosian's 18 doesn't have any bearing on the situation. If you're in the NHL, you're in the NHL, whether you're 18 or 40. Should we also not expect penalties called on him or give him free shots at the goal every game so we can stroke his fragile 18 year old ego?

CapsKremlin said...

Bogo checked a player from behind in a three goal game with 30 seconds left. Had Ovechkin done this to a Thrasher, you'd want him hit too.

Bogosian's age has nothing to do with this. If you're going to do a "semi dirty," (I don't think it was bad) play, do it when the other team's enforcer isn't watching.

Brash is no Avery. Avery would have done much worse to Bogosian and then taken him shopping.

lizgal said...

Did you just see the highlights? Bogosian had a questionable hit. I think he did a fine job against Brashear though - good for the kid.

Usually Frustrated Caps Fan said...

Consider this another Caps Fan's 2 cents. DMG said it all for me. It wasn't a goon taking a run at a star and Bogsian is a big boy. Since both he and Brashear make over $1M to play hockey in the world's best league though I'll say it again - what's age got to do with it at all. If anything Bogosian is the one folks should be complaining about. I'm betting when they got to the dressing room "Big John" ask the "young MAN" - "What were you thinking with that hit anyway, kiddo?