21 October 2008

How pissed off is Mark Stuart?

So I'm watching Boston v Pittsburgh last night. The B's home opener. Bergeron's 1st return to the Garden since 10/27/07.  And they're introducing the players numerically. And they introduce #44, Aaron Ward. And he skates out, gives the little stick wave, joins the guys on the redline. And then they introduce #46, David Krejci, and Mark Stuart, who you should know is #45, turns around at the entrance to the ice, stomps back down the mat, shouldering, I believe, Matt Hunwick (#48) on his way past him, and the announcer NEVER introduced Stuey! After Savard was introduced, and the guy started on the, "Your 2008-2009 Boston Bruins!," Stuart skated out holding his stick up, and they dropped the spotlight on him, and he joined the boys.

Dude, seriously. C'mon. It's not like he's a rookie, or new. Or scratched. He had 3 shots, a hit and he blocked a shot! Man. I'd be finding the in house announcer and punching him in the balls, were I Mark Stuart.

To give you an idea, the slight was similar to them NOT announcing Eric Perrin or Jimmy Slater. How does one DO that?

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