20 October 2008

That word.. it does not mean what you think it means

OK listen. I am damned sick and tired of baseball slang finding its way into hockey because it doesn't necessarily fit, and it's awkward, but it becomes popular because people LOVE new buzzwords, and it makes watching hockey infuriating.

You can not go around the horn in hockey. You go around or behind the net or the cage.

When someone gets a puck within their reach, it is not their fucking wheelhouse. Chara's 9' reach is not his wheelhouse. In this sport, intimidating other players and playing confident and competent D is his wheelhouse.

And why, WHY do the women that are on the broadcast team for pretty much ANY hockey team come off as not that bright, and are often totally disrespected by the men on the broadcast team? Do they hire them for their hockey knowledge or their screen test? I don't care how pretty a woman is, if she's going to stumble and bumble her way through an interview, and can't pronounce Jose Theodore's first name right, GET OFF MY TELEVISION.

Just sayin.

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