24 October 2008

I call shenanigans!

Which is totally the polite way to say "I call bullshit" but I totally do. How the hell does a goalie make 42 stops out of 46 shots, and NOT get awarded a star of the game? HOMERS! HOMER MEDIA! Eff the Wings. I hate that team.

Also? To all the "journalists" submitting recaps to their employers, a goalie is not penalized for an empty net shot. It's 42 stops. Not 41. Read the game summaries and not just the box scores, morans.

Oh, oh! And Thrashers? You guys ever think about playing the entire 60 minutes? It's just a suggestion. One of those things to turn over in your mind, take it into consideration. Mull it.

And while we're at it, this irked me too:

Zach Parise had a goal and two assists while Martin Brodeur was shelled for five goals on 27 shots for the Devils, who lost for just the second time this season.
Shelled? That's not being shelled. For Kari, that's a Summer Friday. Do you realize Kari's on pace to make (a record) 2,350 saves this season? That is, if he doesn't snap and lose his shit for once and for all.He's also on pace to have a cost-per-save of $1,270, which is a discount of $140 over last season's CPS total of $1,410, even WITH his raise this year.

So anyway, here's the only relatively decent photo I could dig up thus far from tonight. More later maybe?


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