24 October 2008

Chocolate conspiracy?

Apparently we're "playing" a "hockey game" in Detroit right now. I'd actually say more like "watching the Hossa show in stunned awe" but whatev. The ironic contrast of the last game there is pretty painful, I can't lie.

OK. What's going on? Have you ever seen a yellow M&M's vending machine outside of a hockey rink? I have not. Have you ever been to an every day rink (meaning not like Philips or anything) and NOT seen one? I haven't. Are M&M's the secret obsession of hockey players? Do rinks honestly sell so many that they need entire machines dedicated to the whole M&M line? What's the dill here, pickle?

Skate Zone in Vorhees NJ:

Piney Orchard in Odenton MD:

I hear tell there's one in Duluth, but can't find a photo of it.

Two is coincidence. Three is a little damned creepy. And I'm sure there's even more.

This post brought to you by Big-N little-y Big-Q little-uil.

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