20 October 2008

Oilers organisation as shifty as previously thought

Heyyy, I knew I was onto something hating this team when they dumped Smyth and Smith (they're the new Johnson & Johnson, btw)! Have you heard about what happened to David Berry (not to be confused with Dave Barry) over at Covered in Oil? Fuck the Oil if that's how they're going to treat people!

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For those of you with ADD, this guy was hired to cover the game by not-the-Oilers, given a press pass, and while bored out of his mind in the press box, began live-blogging and probably talking a little bit of shit about the Oil. One of the press guys freaked out, told him he can't blog on someone else's media pass, he's gonna get thrown out, eh can never come back, the Oilers don't employ bloggers, yada yada yada. He didn't know this, no one cared or wanted his apology. He emailed another apology the next day, was basically told to go fuck himself, and then when he pointed out that bloggers at another blog had abused their media passes to get quotes only used in their blog, his media pass was reinstated, and he was told to act with more professionalism.

I don't think I make it sound as shady as it really comes across. But those are the salient points.God damn am I glad I have a 1st Ammendment right and can say whatever the fuck I want.

But this, my friends, is why you don't want press passes or official credentials. You get a quote no one else does? Whoop. Ee. It's a lot more fun to talk shit about the teams, and criticise them when they need criticism, praise them when they're praise-worthy, and in my instance, fawn excessively and create archived, transmutable evidence of the possible need for a restraining order. Or something. Um. Oh look, I have a meeting to go to!

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