20 October 2008

Lighting and contrast at Philips

Did Philips change from incandescent lights in their ceiling cans, to those damned energy-efficient ones that last forever? Because every single away team feed that I've seen (which is like, 2 I believe) is a HELL of a lot darker than the Atlanta feed. It looks like they're playing in MSG. Did they not send out a memo to visiting team stations to adjust their camera contrast and level depths? Because holy crap is it dark. Check the post below where I posted highlights with Buffalo's feed. I dunno if rival stations bring in their own cameras or if all the visiting stations use one set of cameras that're always there, but whichever, they need to be adjusted. Please? Someone send out a memo, posthaste.

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Mortimer Peacock said...

I've actually been at every home game and I haven't noticed anything terribly different about the lighting, but I HAVE noticed when I watch clips of the games that it's dark as all get-out in there. What's that about?

I have no idea.