16 October 2008

So my birthday's next week...

I think. I'm pretty sure. I don't keep track of that crap and frankly couldn't care less. But listen, if you want to get me something, and you find that cramming Kari into a fedex box is a little too much for you (I will also accept Moose or Perrsy, providing you receive permission from their wives), have I got an idea for YOU!

Someone's selling off their entire Transformers collection. Now I realise the price is a liiiiiittle steep. That's OK though! Maybe he will take a best offer!

Listen, I can't lie. I've gotta be honest. Someone drops $66k on a freakin' Transformer, collection or not, Bumblebee better be driving up to my house disguised as an 09 Camaro, and he better transform as soon as he rolls up. God I love people with delusions. 

Alternately, Kari if you buy this because you saw the post here, I want an Optimus Prime pls and thx.

Devils down to GA tonight. How many times can I make that joke? A freakin' million, OK?

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