14 October 2008

Thrash lose a boring game


It's possible I've seen many, many more boring games than the one tonight. After all, I was a Caps season ticket holder in the lean years. But flipping between tonight's game and the Battle of PA was like the difference in night and day. Not only is the play in the Pittsburgh game a lot more exciting, but holy shit there's actually PEOPLE in the building. Look I mean, I know we're in a recession, and I'm broke, you're broke, everyone's broke, but can't the Thrashers get more than 9 people in the building on a Tuesday? And if they can't, shouldn't they offer to move down (for free) the people in the upper bowl so it at least LOOKS full?

Anyway, Kari made some of the most awesome saves I've ever seen him pull off. The first period didn't see a shot from the Wild until like 9 minutes in (I KNOW, RIGHT?!) , and I can't lie - I'm not the least bit surprised that Miettinen put up 2 against Lehts. I'm surprised Koivu didn't.

The majority of the game can be summed up in these two photos:



The rest in this!

Thursday night, the Devils come down to Georgia. That should be... well... equally boring? Two teams in a row that LOVE the trap. I... I can't wait.


nebcanuck said...

The Wild are always boring to watch For the last 3 years the Canucks have played them 8 times each year :P.

Maali said...

Yeeeeeah, I'm not a fan of Jacques Lemaire or his style of play.