07 November 2008

'72 Summit Series .... revamped for '08

From the always delightful and charming Sean over at PuckDaddy. Please read the whole article because there's quite a backstory for the bit below. The * indicates the subject of the preamble. I'm just highlighting injustices and hypocracies in this blog, not re-reporting the news. Unless it's about Kari. Hah!

There's a brewing controversy between the media covering the tournament and Hockey Canada when it comes to access to angry Russians*. Cam Tait wrote in his blog, "Coffee with Cam":

When reporters gathered for their post-game interviews, Hockey Canada officials said the Russians weren't going to talk to the media. We were basically told that Hockey Canada wasn't allowing the Russians to speak to us.
Hang on. Isn't this Canada where we only read or see censorship in the movies, rather than living it first-hand?

This is Camrose. Not Moscow. Nonetheless, it would have been a totally different story -- and blog, for that matter -- if the Russians had told us they didn't want to talk to us.
Tait went on to say that later an interpreter in front of the Russian locker room finally told waiting reporters, "No comment."

Guy Flaming and Dean Millard from the Team 1260 have been blogging about the tournament all week and had this to say about the lack of access to the Russian team:
After some of us (Derek Van Diest of the Edmonton Sun, Cam Tait of the Edmonton Journal and myself) raised a bit of a fuss, Hockey Canada changed its story and said it was the Russians that didn't want to speak, which was kind of funny since Hockey Canada member Jason Larose had earlier mentioned to me that he hadn't asked the Russians about it, and that it was his decision.

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