04 November 2008

Free food as a thanks for voting

We here at the Firehouse are all about free food from establishments long known for their tastiness. And thus, those of you undecided yanks in the mood, here's what the freedom of America and the decadence of the western lifestyle can net you today, and today only. Most are in hopes that you will be prompted to vote, and do not require you to show your I Voted sticker. Just mention the ads.

Krispy Kreme: 1 star donut

B&J's - 1 free scoop

Starbucks - 1 free tall

Check your local Chic-fil-a. Ours are giving away a free sammich to anyone with an I Voted sticker!

Now go vote, then stuff yourself on fast food. 


Mortimer Peacock said...

Oh my God. This is amazing.

Maali said...

I hear there are more places too! Depending on where you live. And some jerkoff stylist to the stars is discounting his haircuts! 50% off! So if you're in DC and have $250 to blow on getting your hair cut, BOY IS TODAY YOUR DAY!!!!!