13 November 2008

Insanity Illustrated

So this was in THN today:

Ondrej Pavelec, G, Atlanta
After a play-me-or-trade-me tirade from his agent in the pre-season, the 21-year-old 2005 draft pick has played out of his mind for Chicago of the American League (1.54 GAA, .947 save percentage in nine games), but only so-so in his three NHL appearances (2.57 GAA, .889 save percentage). He was recalled again Wednesday with Kari Lehtonen on the shelf, but Pavelec, who played seven times last season as well, may take the No. 1 spot sooner than later. Rumors have current starter Lehtonen on the trade block.
Do you know what the defintion of insanity is?  The quote has never properly been attributed, but runs the gamut from 80s mystery writer Rita Mae Brown to Benjamin Franklin or Albert Einstein. Nonetheless, "Doing the same thing in the same way, over and over, expecting different results" is said explanation of NUTBAGGERY.

Do the propagators of the cries of "Kari's being traded!" or those screaming "trade Kari and play Pavelec!" to the rafters, understand that basically what they're implying and/or demanding is, in and of itself, a case of insanity illustrated literally leaping out of the annuls of legend, and dancing its merry and ignorant way into existence? I'd just like to point out that the team has in its possession, at least until 30 June 2009, the guy who has set or broken the majority of the team's goaltending records. The guy D-Wad drafted 2nd overall and the organisation has coddled and carefully brought up broken like a wild pony in the past 6 years, forcing him into the North American mold. And I love Ondrej, don't get me wrong. But yet another great young European highly drafted goaltender. I would have said, prior to the end of the preseason, that the difference was Pony has thicker skin, but given the aforelinked fit he had when he was sent down, that's null and void. So what's really changed between last year and this year except for the coach? Coach isn't out on the ice playing D or scoring goals. So essentially, nothing's changed. Why don't youse guys just noodle on that for a little bit?

Moving on. Did you see the Bruins/Habs game? Wow did the B's stuff it to the Habs. 6-1. I'm always a little sad when a hockey team gets a touchdown and doesn't go for the extra point. Unless it's the Thrashers giving up the TD in which it's not funny at all. But I love the Blue Collar B's. And y'all Thrash fans can say "Fuck Savard" all you want, but Boston offered him $5m/yr. Would you turn that down? Do the Thrashers pay anyone $5m/yr? Oh, just Kovy and Schneider? The guy they have to beg and bribe to stay, and the older gentleman who is currently out with a bum hip? Mmmkay. Just checking. Anyway, B's. #1 in the East. Bruins, the Bruins WHAT!



a said...

"...but given the aforelinked fit he had when he was sent down, that's null and void."

But what if the fit WAS really a setup by his agent, as has been suggested? Not saying we toss Kari and go with the new young stud, but maybe a little competition would do Kari some good. He's never really had this kind of external pressure to perform before.

Anonymous said...

ill i have to say is if lehtonen gets traded im not gonna want to much to do with atlanta. the defense is much improved but when kari is in the net they take the night of thinking he can win the game by himself especially when the forwards arent scoring.ex said how could they leave a good guy like moose out to dry like they did, what about kari, he deserves some defensive help as well. i wish kari was in tonight, was lookin forward to seeing if the team could keep up there excellent play.

Maali said...

anon exactly how i feel. we should be new best friends. if the team can't "step it up" for kari like they supposedly do for moose, then he needs to find a new team. it's ridiculous what this team puts him through, be it the players with their shoddy play, or the management with the mistreatment - hopefully that'll stop now with anderson in place but who knows?

Anonymous said...

dont get me wrong pony has talent and potential but what i seen of him this year the team has played very well. his first game this year he looked shakey to me and was very impressive, but he did enough that he helped his team pull out a win.

p.s. ill be signing up an account.

Maali said...

no no i mean i love pony too! and therein lies the conundrum - at some point we're giong to have 2 #1 goalies, and neither are really of the type who can be a 50/50 (41/41?) goalie, nor be a backup. they both need to be the stars of their teams. and IMO i don't think there's a better backup in the league than moose. so unfortunately, one of them will have to go at some point. i just hope that point's not... you know... soon!

and ok!