17 November 2008

I am such an asshole, or, paljon onnea!

Kärppä, paljon onnea (hyvää syntymäpäivää), armas. :) Ja tsemppiä - panna kummuta aikaisin! Me harhaisku te erittäin hyvin! Minun puolustella!

(I'm trying damn it! It's a hard language!)


MartyGurl said...

Better late than never :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Maali, please don't ever use those online translation things again! Most things you wrote made absolutely no sense at all! Those translaters don't know shit about finnish language :)

Maali said...

Anon: Yeah I know. It's actually a program I use for verifying spelling in other languages, and the French, Italian and Russian all translated perfect so I thought I'd give the Finnish a go.

Really really bad huh? :) Sorrrry. If only Rosetta Stone offered a Finn language course :( I tried though!

(do I want to know what I actually said?)

Anonymous said...

Kärppä, paljon onnea (hyvää syntymäpäivää), armas. :) Ja tsemppiä (So far everything is good) - panna kummuta aikaisin!(Put well soon) Me harhaisku te erittäin hyvin!(We miss hit you very well) Minun puolustella! (Mine apologize) Ei seis lempiminen we! :)(No stop love making we). This word "lempiminen" is little tricky....but if I say what it means here really it's that :D

Maali said...


I'll be giving up finnish now!