22 November 2008

Twista loves the 'Hawks and Ruutuu comes clean

From the always awesome Greg at Puck Daddy, rapper Twista on, well, how cool hockey is. You know I'm all over rappers and hockey going together like PB&J. I'm hoping Huet will soon sport a Twista-featured helmet:

Twista: I didn't even know much about hockey until then. I got into it really just to review the game, but I definitely have a little more appreciation for the game of how it's played and everything. That's definitely a sport I really didn't pay a lot of attention too. Once I reviewed the game I started to pay a little more attention to it a little bit. I'm going to show my face at a few Chicago Blackhawk games this year and show support for the home team. Everybody shows love to the basketball and football teams, but nobody really reps hard for them. Now I can come out and go to the game to really rep for them. You got to go out there and rep, especially when they be getting their fight on. I know they hard with it so they will be able to tolerate this hard music with that, ya dig.
Listen, if there is one thing those boys in Chicago - Kane, Toews, Sharp, Good Soupy, Burish, Huet, etc - are, it's hard. They're so hard, my ghetto fabulous ass is skerrrrrred. Dude can you imagine running into Patrick Kane in a dark alley? It would be skerry for sure, because there would be much panic at the little white boy being out in a Chicago south-side alley after dark. You'd probably have to take him by the hand and lead him out back into the well-lit streets before he starts to cry for his mommy, and possibly take him for an ice cream cone just to calm him down. Keep it hard, B-hawks! Keep fighting the good fight.

Speaking of PD Greg, and frankly, aren't we always? Here's another gem he turned me onto. Possibly the quote of the year, from Jarkko Ruutu (who you know is my arch-nemesis - he's my Lex Luthor!). The true beauty of this is at the very end.
"I'd want to be a crocodile hunter, like (the late) Steve Irwin ... But I don't think I have the balls for it. It's interesting, all the energy (Irwin) had. The stuff he was doing and he was so excited about it. A lot of people think I am screwed up ... but I am."
I.... I admire such blatant honesty in the media. Someone buy that man a drink. Then punch him in the nuts, just on principle. Kthxbi!

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