21 November 2008

This is eerily familiar

From AJC:

Crabb replaced winger Eric Perrin on the fourth line. Perrin replaced Erik Christensen on the top line with Ilya Kovalchuk and Jason Williams, and Christensen took over White’s role centering the second line between Slava Kozlov and Bryan Little.

You know, I totally seem to remember someone suggesting Perrin be put on Ilya's centre. If only I could remember who that person was.... Let's wait and see if they're right, come tomorrow.

And congrats to Joey Crabs (I know that's not his name but it's a good gangster name so that's what I'm calling him!) on his call-up. Give 'em hell, kid!

Photo courtesy pioneer98


Thrashers Recaps said...

I can't seem to add you to my blog list. It just puts a link that says "fire wagon hockey" but its a broken link and goes to some atom.feed thing. I clicked on your link on someone else's blog and the same thing happened.

Maali said...

Try using this link. It gives you the raw feed this way, should work: