28 November 2008

Photos: 11/26/08 (+4), more irresponsible journalism

First, when and why did NHL Network stop covering, or even mentioning, fights? Dom Moore and Jason Smith fought in the 2nd period of the TOR/OTT game (not that I would know, since I was watching that trainwreck the Thrash put on). I'm not sure if that's like, a fantasy come to life, or horrifyingly mis-matched, and thank god for the YouTubes, because NHL Network didn't even MENTION it. Not only did they not show clips, but they glossed right over it as if it never happened. When did this start happening? Dominic Moore drops his gloves and takes on Jason Smith and that's not worth mentioning? Even casually as an aside, perhaps? Dumb dickheads.

There weren't a lot of great photos for this game. Clearly the photographer(s) was a homer, because there's a lot of photos of Caps.

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