30 November 2008


I honestly don't know what to say anymore. How can you be an NHL player, one of the alleged best in the world, and just half-ass it every game? I mean what the fuck? What happened to the cans of Winning? Dude, even Redbull gives you wings, for fuck's sake. And even if they mean Red Wings, then whatever because that's a style of winning I would enjoy in my team.

The one next to the redline doesn't count against Pavelec, since he wasn't in the net, but nonetheless. How do you allow 47 shots in one game? Regularly? Is there a special prize for having the most SOG of any team? What is this prize? Is there money involved? Perhaps a banner or shiny trophy for the trophy case? Oh right, first pick in 09 is at stake! My bad, how could I forget. Hey did any one tell Anderson that is the plan? To win the Tavares lottery, not the Stanley Cup? Because clearly he's unaware that's the path the team is walking: "We stopped competing." Welcome to Blueland, Coach!

You know I want to be Miss Mary Sunshine and I want to find positives to point to, but why? Why find reasons to compliment something that has no business receiving any compliments? They leave Kari out to dry on a pretty regular basis, then the fanbase and media bitch and complain that Kari's not getting the job done, bring up Pavelec. And Pavelec comes up and he gets hung out to dry, also pretty regularly, and then they realise, huh, maybe it's the team that's a bunch of slackers? Good detective work there, Lou. And look, I know that there are guys on the team that play their hearts out game in and game out. But 1, 2, 6 guys can't carry a 23-man team. Which is why blame can't be laid on Kari, and it can't be laid on Pavelec. They've both got winning backgrounds prior to playing in Atlanta. One guy can't be the saviour of a unit. This isn't literally war, people. One man is not going to hold off the enemy for the duration.

Aah, fuck it. If I find some interesting photos I'll post them. Oh and keep sending your entries for the JA photoshop contest!

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