03 December 2008

"Goalie controversy"

Puck Daddy's assessment of our "goalie controversy:"

Atlanta Thrashers: Kari Lehtonen (2-5-2, 3.44, .903) vs. Johan Hedberg (4-3-1, 3.88, .880) vs. Ondrej Pavelec (2-4-0, 2.88, .907)

Should anyone be surprised that a mess like this is taking place on a mess like the Thrashers? Lehtonen can come off of IR whenever the team's ready, but there's been no solid timetable for his return. Pavelec, who refused demotion to the AHL earlier this season, has put in some outstanding performances. Hedberg has been his usual veteran self. Goalie Controversy? Sure is. The better Pavelec plays, the more one has to wonder if Lehtonen will be moved as he enters RFA status this summer. If he's healthy, that is. 
You know? Looking at those stats for more than 45 seconds convinces me we're going to hell. And I don't mean Helsinki. The guys with the better GAA and SV% are playing like, .250 ball. Not even .500. But the guy playing over .500's GAA and SV% are kind of a mess. I mean, none of the goalies on the team are golden in stats - Kari couldn't even land anything higher than a tie for "14th most saves in a game" although after the other night, Pavelec put himself at a solid 6th place.

And you know, while I'm at it... have you ever noticed how the Thrashers tend to play better on the road? How "home ice advantage" is actually home ice disadvantage for these guys? Do the fans that go to the games actually, you know, cheer? Get a little crazy? Cuss out the other team? I'm just throwing some suggestions out there. I mean fuck it, get a little wild, show the team you love them and you support them because clearly they don't have the first idea who the hell they're playing for out there (well, themselves aside, hopefully, although not indicated in overall play thusfar).

Fans...? Where?

Damn it, I had more I wanted to say but things came up and I got distracted. The point is, I don't think this team is every going to be truly great until the fans are there supporting them through good and bad. LOVE YOUR TEAM, WIN OR LOSE. Damn it!


Andrew said...

thank god someone in Atlanta isn't a fareweather fan. I applaude you.

Maali said...

aw thanks! i mean that's not to say i won't be off like a dress on prom night should kari be traded away, but nonetheless. :)

J said...

We're 5-6-1 at home, 3-7-2 on the road. But you're right it does seem like we play better on the road!

The Sports Hernia said...

M.J. is hot.

Maali said...

Yes I know. That's why we make out as much as humanly possible. But thanks for your comment, Captain Obvious!

Maali said...

J: Listen man. Cold hard facts and semantics are no way to go through life! Is it really that different? Jesus it seems like they play their best games on the road. Maybe they do, but lose anyway. Who knows. Stupid Thrashers.

Mortimer Peacock said...

I'd say about one quarter of the arena is pretty wild, the other three are tame as all hell.

I generally kick up a fuss.

But your central point, that Atlanta has terrible and easily distracted fans, is certainly true.

Maali said...

I'd say, more a glaring lack of fans.... to wit, I'm editing the post and adding a pic. Pls view!

Thrashers Recaps said...

Well, I'm bringing a few new fans to the next home game against Boston.

Mortimer Peacock said...


The lower bowl is always near empty because it's a lot of corporate seats. And it's expensive.

The upper part is usually much fuller.

But there's still not nearly enough people.

Mr. Recaps-

The most fun thing in the world is to bring the uninitiated to their first hockey game. I brought some folks to the home game against Carolina and they're already interested in going to more.

Maali said...

Morts: so the spirit should tell their lovely ushers to move the poor people upstairs DOWNstairs so the damned place can at least LOOK full!