03 December 2008

Good job, Joey!

OH QUICK PRE-CONTENT NOTE: Word on the intertubes is, Kari is "expected" to be back playing in 10-14 days!!!!1!1!1!!ONE!1!1!! Now back to your regularly scheduled sunshine post:

Well, on the plus side, Joey Crabs got his first NHL point tonight! And also, Jimmy Slater survived his 2nd fight this year (and got another point)! Against a guy I'm assuming is related to Brad Winchester, because that's who I thought it was, but he's apparently a J, not a B. And um. Pony faced less than 40 shots this time! And the Thrash won 51% of the faceoffs overall. Also if you count missed shots and blocked shots, Kovy had a whopping total of 11 shots tonight. It seems the reins of the team have been handed over to Hainsey, Kovy and Enstrom, who had 26, 26 and 28 shifts, respectively, blowing everyone else out of the water.

Listen I can spin most anything to sound good, but the fact of the matter is, I vote to keep about 6-8 current players, trade or waive the rest, and bring up the kids from Chicago. I mean, really, how much worse can they do? At least they come to play.

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