09 December 2008

The goalie was drunk!

Avangard has terminated agreement with Stanley Cup winner John Grahame

The management of the Omsk club Avangard, acting in conjuction with the Continental Hockey League (КХЛ), has canceled the contract with 2004 Stanley Cup winning goaltender, John Grahame. Sport Express has additional details on Grahame's release, however, there were numerous contract infringements which resulted in cancellation of services from the 33-year-old player, including but not limited to, excessive drinking, public intoxication, incarceration, and missing practices regularly.

Aww Johnny :( Come home baby! Come home to mama! We'll go surfing, and drink all the time and go clubbing, and I can probably find you a team in need of a goalie! How the fuck can RUSSIANS fire someone for being drunk?! And I ask that without a hint of irony, being related to quite a few Russian drunks! That'd be like firing a redneck for banging his cousin, or firing a Czech for wearing manpris, sandals, and a non matching violently coloured top! DON'T HATE THE PLAYER, HATE THE GAME!

I'm v sad. I must go drink now. Oh wait. I'm at work. I must go wish they sold beer in the vending machine. AGAIN.


Sarah said...

Hargh! (at your post, not John's situation) It sounds like a deleted scene from Slapshot.

Maali said...

DRAMATIC SIGH poor Johnny. It DOES sound Slapshot-like though, non?! I'm puttin' on the foil!

Anonymous said...

This is sad! He needs help! Probably his last chance and he screwed it up.