09 December 2008

Photos v OTT & NYI (+23)

All from Getty. Obv. I would like to point out that in one of the photos of Joey Crabb, he was actually labeled as Joey Crabtree. So. Yeah, not entirely sure what to say about that. Sean Bergenheim looks super dejected that Kari wasn't around for him to light up though!

You guys! Joey Crabb's first NHL fight!
And Joey Crabb bleeding in the NHL! These are Kodak moments, people!

Awww, Bergenheim's so sad there's no BFF-Lehtonen to score on!

And also b/c the little French guy smooshed him.

Hey look! My cousin Josh! Who apparently thinks hockey is now in the MMA family...
Ladies and gentlemen - Joey Crabtree!

Awww, end of game love. We don't see this enough anymore.
Also, nice baggy ... socks(? drawers?) there Moose... what the hell?

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