02 January 2009

Bruins home win #Eleventy, Is Zach a cowboy?

Let's get the cowboy thing out of the way first, since I'm sure that's what a lot of you are here for. My apologies to Mrs. Bogosian, should she be reading, no offence intended, ma'am! Your son is lovely and I'm sure he's a quite charming young man!

Is Zach Bogosian moonlighting as a sexy cowboy model?

I think the evidence speaks for itself! Bravo, Zach! Well done you. Keep up the good work, kid. That's the way to work a bad economy!  If you want more of Zach, here's his intermission interview from 12/31:

Moving onto the B's... first big props to Gord Kluzak for chirping the shit out of the Bill Cosby sweater Mike Milbury wore during the Winter Classic. But bigger props and congratulations to the Bruins for like the ... 19th straight win and 12th home win? I can't remember! It's a ridiculous number! They're 10-0-0 in the last 10! The B's are now in 1st place in the NHL with 62 pts (Sharks carrying 61)!

Streaks are being broken that date back to the 70s and the 20s and all sorts of ridiculous stats that indicate you should really be watching the Bruins play, if you enjoy that sort of hockey with hitting and scoring and defence.

Both Lucic and Axelsson scored, once again proving Julien's instincts correct. Still, the Savard/Kessel line needs someone with some muscle, because there were Pens draped all over them like red velvet in a brothel. Axelsson's a great player, but he's not too likely to ride hurt on anyone anytime soon. Nor really intimidate anyone away from his linemates with just a look. But hey, PJ scored, Krej scored, Luc scored the eventual game winner, and Savvy sealed it with an empty netter. See?

PJ goal!

Krejci goal!

On the right, you'll see the puck Luc shot into the net.
On the left you'll see the toe of Luc's stickblade.
Below you'll see Luc sort of celebrating:

I love that they got the lamp in the photo!

Manny brought his A-game.

Hunwick keepin' the Kid down.

Kessel never met a shot he didn't like.

The Luc/Manny belly-bump tradition continues

B's play again Saturday afternoon @ 12:30EST v. the Sabres, on NESN, MSG, and whatever center ice channel you get. Really, you should watch.

The Thrashers, they play tonight. Because I have no attention span, this post took me all day to write, yet I've not read any game day previews. Nor post-game reviews lately, either. But I think they should start Hedberg, being that it's a later than usual start time and clearly that messes with Kari's timing. I also think they should try to keep doing what they were doing in the game against Boston, because THAT'S the way to win hockey games. Valabik, stay out of the box, please? I know it's hard, but resist the temptation to squish the 'Nucks like little bugs. I KNOW I KNOW I SAID I WASN'T GOING TO WRITE ABOUT THEM but my god. You don't just turn an allegiance off like a lightswitch. You can, however, turn it down like a rheostat, so figure that out.

Lastly, my deepest sympathies to Jordan LaVallee-Smotherman, and his family, on the recent loss of his father, Bill.


Anonymous said...

lol that Zach Bogosian pic(look alike?) gets me every it's just to rich.

Thrashers Recaps said...

How did you FIND that Bogosian look-alike? Wait, nevermind I don't want to know.

Maali said...

I just googled "shirtless cowboy" for another project, and it's the 4th image returned! It was COINCIDENCE! A very eerie coincidence, I might add. As a scientist, however, I do not believe in coincidences! Thus... IT MUST BE HIM!

Jenn said...

If that is really Zach, then I need to go to church... Ouch.

Maali said...

You mean to repent for your sins of thinking of a child in such a manner?

Me too. ;-)

Big Shooter said...

What will Kari think?

Are you leaving him for Bogo?


Maali said...

Just because I admire a work of art in a gallery doesn't mean I want to replace my Monet with it. Or I suppose in this case, my Rautio.


Anonymous said...


And the Bruins are severely unrespected and unappreciated for all the awesome hockey they do. Its mindboggling.