01 January 2009

Kari! Moose! STAY HEALTHY!!!

You guys...! Pony is hurt! Possibly with a groin pull. And Krahn was playing with Turple on the bench, which means Gherson's down as well. Pavelec left warm-ups on the 30th and didn't return in uniform, and he also did not play nor back up for the game last night. The only thing I can find on the situation is one line from the Mantioba Sun: 

Ironically, Krahn wouldn't have been playing if Ondrej Pavelec hadn't been injured during the pre-game warm-up.

And a blurby on the Wolves message board:
Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 7:18 pm   

According to reports Pavelec left the pre-game warm-up early going down for a shot. Sounds like he could have pulled his groin. Might be nothing but we'll see who's in net in a few minutes.

Why is reporting on AHL injuries so NON-EXISTENT?!

Anyway, stay healthy guys. MIND THE GROINS!

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Anonymous said...


And does anyone else find it suspicious that a lot of goalies have gone down with lower body injuries? (In a CBC article in the first seven weeks of the NHL starting 17 goalies were injured (not all lower bodies), and 12 of those were starters? wtf?)