17 January 2009

Zach nets 2 pts in a 7-2..... thrashing.


Congrats to my favourite shirtless cowboy doppleganger for his first NHL point! On the off chance there's a photo from the play, I'll put that up. CAUSE HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE ZACH BOGOSIAN?!

ETA: AND his first NHL GOAL! OMG ZACH! Banner game!

And seriously? Who is this team and where are the Thrashers? What's going on? SERIOUSLY WHAT IS GOING ON? Are they just going to get everyone's hopes up that maybe, maybe they're finally clicking as a team, only to dash them on the rocks with a return to form when Philly comes to town Wednesday?

Also I love saying Pekka Rinne. But like it's one word. Pekkarinne. It's like yogilates! You can't stop saying it.


pkwaldrop said...

I thought it was Habs in town Tuesday and at Flyers Wednesday. Either way, 2-4 points in those 2 games and this a for real step in the right direction. Let's see!

Anonymous said...

lol lets here it for my guelph boy richy pev hasnt really looked out of place in the win again toronto but 7-2 against nashville. thats a good defensive team and they got run out of there building like so many nights in ATL anyway keep it up fellows.

Maali said...

PK: you're probably right. I Tom Glancied the sched, so I'm sure I forgot a game. Also thanks for the link! I'll put it up today :D

Anon: MAB?! IS THAT U??????