18 January 2009

Hey look! Linkie to Thrash photos!

From the always awesome pkwaldrop, his Thrasher photos! Visit! Add the RSS feed to your feed reader! Enjoy! And if you too have Thrasher or Bruins photos you'd like a link added for (here, and over on the right there), drop me a comment.

Also, apologies to Rich Peverly for referring to him earlier as "that Waverly guy." My bad, dude.


aaron said...

I Think I've figured out the reason for the win streak, Maali - you broke their hearts, and they're doing everything they can to win back your affections! A 7-2 beatdown is better than a drunkdial, right?

Maali said...

Yah maybe. But, enh. Bubblegum can't fix a crack in Hoover Dam, y'know?