09 January 2009

Gather round my loves, it's picture time!

B's pull a sweet win over the Sens (I rather enjoyed how the B's toyed with their emotions, letting them think they MIGHT have a chance to win, then RIPPED all hope out of their hands with the Savard goal!) and was the first team to reach 30 wins this season, having done it in 42 games. Well played, Bruins, well played indeed! Kari got his 1st shutty of the year, 12th of his career, Jimmy Slats had possibly his best game of the year, and holy shit the Thrashers potted 4 goals, and played some damned good defence. Slap my ass and call me Charlie! Although someone, perhaps Valabik as he seems to have learnt and settled down a bit, should take Boults aside and have a word with him about how to pick your battles.

Anyway, moving on, moving on. Look. Teh pictures! So pretty! If ANYONE has a photo of Savvy doing the glove pump up towards the crowd after his goal, I will be your best friend forever, and talk about how amazing you are to my crowd of 9 faithful readers, and then they too will love you! Oh and also, check out this great article on the B's!

As always, pics resize to 1024 etc etc etc. Don't you guys know this by now??


Another goal!

Goal love!

More goal love!

And even MORE!

This team scores a lot...

Thorty puts it to Neiler



And POW!
I love that Z's laughing at Fish.


Army thought he could fly... or something?

Russian/American goal love. I love this game!

I THINK Boults is trying to hug Oyster.




Y uno mas

Man it's like all this guy did all night was stop pucks!

.... oh wait.


Big Shooter said...

Congrats to you and the rest of the Lehtonen family!

Maali said...

Hahaha, thaaaaanks. Just don't be counting your chickens til we get to that bridge. You know just as well as me that this team could be the Atlanta Sybils.