20 January 2009

Yes we did! Looch to miss Young Stars

Uh, so yeah, how about that thing downtown today, eh?? Was that intense or what?? I almost wish I had gone down just to hear that song Yo-Yo Ma and Izhak Perlman played echoing through the empty canyons of the abandoned city streets. Welcome to a new dawn, America. Let's try not to fuck this one up, k?

Moving on to hockey. Milan Lucic is bowing out of the Young Stars game due to a lingering injury. Frown.

Thrash play Habs tonight. Thrash play Flyers tomorrow night. Here's a tip for all you statisticians - Niittymaki is ill, and likely to not play. Start adding your 1s and 0s and tell me what you come up with!

Anyway, stuff to do, places to do it that aren't here.

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