01 January 2009

Photos: B's and Thrash (+lots)

I fell a little behind in the picture gathering lately. My bad. Does anyone even care? Probably not, but regardless, here's some pictures from the past few Bruins and Thrashers games.

Mike Ryder tries to score on Kari Lehtonen

Valabik wonders if he should just fall on Kessel

Marc Savard and Ilya Kovalchuk: Former teammates battling

Lucic keeps his eyes on the puck, even as he's being crushed

Post game goalie love

Post-game goalie belly bump (much greater than goalie love!)

Haggard Moose sighting in urban Toronto

Savvy scores on the Flower

And celebrates a bit hysterically.

Then "checks" Orpik.

Marty St Pierre scores his first Bruins goal,
and his first shorthanded NHL goal!

Saint and Savvy goal love, Malkin's dejected glide.

Tim Thomas uses the force.

Timmy also keeps his eyes on the puck,
even when Malkin's about to mount him like a pony.

And two pictures of Milan Lucic's fight with Tim Wallace, from my girl L:

Kari juuuuust misses the poke check, and Samsanov
scored a beauty while falling. Proof that if you
just throw it at the net, good things happen.

Hainsey and Walker crash into the boards, view 1

Hainsey and Walker crash into the boards, view 2

Kari also uses the force. And his shoulder.

Joey Crabb on his knees

Despite last night being Zach Bogosian's 1st game back after missing 28 with a broken leg, I haven't found a single photo of him yet. So here's a picture of a shirtless cowboy that looks a lot like him:

Happy new year, everyone!


Laura said...

If that's Hedberg after the firing squad in Toronto, he looks a lot better than I expected.

I kinda figured he'd be popping Xanax or Paxil or just drinking whiskey straight out of the bottle or something. Or all three.

Anonymous said...

The last pic was hilarious. A shirtless cowboy to good...

Maali said...

Laura: You think he and Kari sit around and get hammered together and bitch about the D?

Anon: I aim to please!

TheRussianOne13 said...

I like the shirtless cowboy.