14 January 2009

The B's keep winning; Atlanta Spirit sucks

And really, thank god about the B's, because if they'd lost to Habsy and his cult, I'd be distraught.

Here's the awesome front page of NHL.com - Z being the lead story!

So here's Stu talking about his throw-down, which I thought was awesome. Way to step up and fill in for Luc!

And here's the fight, along with the rest of the highlights. Hopefully including Timmy popping Andrei Kostitsyn or whoever the hell it was that banged Ward into the glass:

ETA: Here's Timmy taking out Andrei:

I think Timmy is my new hero. And I think ALL goalies should start banging more players. You want to make the game more exciting? LET THE GOALIES HIT!!!

Now for those of you who still come here for Kari and/or Thrasher stuff... I'm breaking up with the Thrashers until the organisation gets its head out of its ass and starts running the team like, I dunno, A FUCKING NHL HOCKEY TEAM, and not, let's say, a beer league run by a bunch of cokeheaded drunks who love to sit around and talk about the good old days when they were relevant. You know what would help the team a lot? A GOALIE COACH. IT'S JUST A THOUGHT. SINCE EVERY OTHER TEAM IN THE NHL HAS ONE YOU FUCKING LOSERS. Marting Brodeur, arguably the best goalie of this generation, HAS A GOALTENDING COACH. You can't expect ANYONE to get better at what they're naturally good at, without coaching in guidance. You get to the NHL the same way you get to Carnegie Hall: Practice, practice, practice. And that practice, learning, and improvement has to continue. Which it won't, without proper coaching. Way to go, Atlanta Spirit, you cheap bastards. You have now become the model for how NOT to run an NHL team.

And I have a bunch of pictures of Mistah Lehtonen from Casino Night, but I've gotta be real with you here. He's miserable in every fucking picture. Every smile is forced, I have not seen one photo of him yet where he's actually looking at the camera, and has a real smile. So I'm not posting them. I'm not spreading the misery around for all to see. You my faithful readers, are smart smart people. If you want to see them, I'm sure you can find them on ye ol' Intarwebs.

No wait, I lied, because I wanted to show this one picture, because (A) It's the closest Kari comes to a real smile, and (B) this is the most awkwardly uncomfortable photo I have ever seen in my life. And I've seen and been in many. But this photo could not be any more forced (photo courtesy TammyMoose):

It looks lovely at first glance. A very nice photo of the Johan Hedberg and Kari Lehtonen, the team's beloved (?) goaltending tandem. And then you start reading the body language, and it all unravels verrrrrrry quickly.

Get it together Atlanta Spirit. If you don't know how to run a fucking hockey team, I'll buy it off you for $50 and some BBQ ribs. Because I am about 1,000,000% certain that I could do a better job of owning a team than this group of don't-give-a-fucks. You know how? I'D HIRE A FUCKING GOALIE COACH TO START!

Anyway, B's are flipflopping at the top with the Sharks, who need to go on a damned losing skid already, Luc might be back for the next game (fingers crossed!), Bergie's skating again and feeling good (toes crossed!), and playing with Marc Savard appears to make ANYONE look good.

Tonight is the first Thrash game since that clusterfuck on ice that was the Kittens game. If there's a time for redemption, and a team against which to find it, that time is now, and that team is the Sens. Get it done, boys.


Wayne said...

Didn't the Thrashers have a goalie coach in prior years? I remember they did...Did they hire one with the Anderson "regime"?

Maali said...

As I understand it, Steve Weeks is SORT OF the goalie coach. Ever since his hiring in Atlanta, his official title has been "assistant coach" although he worked with Kari quite a bit when he first got here (early last season). As of late he has been working FAR more with the skaters than with the goalies. They need a dedicated coach who will work just with them. I'm thinking of Reggie Lemelin in Philly right now. Just another example of how the Spirit and DW keep upping the ante on being the dumbest owners and GM to ever run a pro team.

Mortimer Peacock said...

I have no idea how Steve Weeks still has a job.

Amen to your post.

Maali said...

Darlin, I ask myself that question, every day, about everyone but JA and a handful of the players on this team. Somewhere, someone has blackmail photos. Perhaps involving a sheep.

Jay said...

Gotta say, I like the venom. ASG and DW don't have a FUCKING CLUE. Very ironic that the ownership group has "Spirit" in their name. Because that's what they have broken in thousands of fans over the past several years. By the way, Tim Thomas is badass. Way to stick up for a teammate.

Maali said...

I always thought of the "spirit" moniker as being more supernatural in nature - as in a transparent or invisible entity that may or may not be aware of its surroundings, but is going to fuck with whatever it can regardless.