30 January 2009

You want to know why? This is why.

Fuck you, Thrashers. This isn't a team. It's a goalie and five monkeys trying fuck a football. Hey you know what? There's a league of deaf kids here that need a goalie. They're pretty fucking good. Pay sucks, but Kari I can guarantee you some defence and some pretty decent offence too.

You want to know this team can get fucked? Here's why:

No, this is not a repeat from last month, last year, or last season.

So in summation, fuck you, fuck your beer league team, fuck your inept GM, fuck your complete lack of defence, fuck what you try to pass off as "offence" and fuck the stupid fans who keep wanting to blame the problem on Kari. Here's a tip, mouthbreathers. If you didn't have Kari? You wouldn't win ANY games. Try that on for size.

GOD I hope he's traded by the 4th.


Wayne said...

And Boom Boom Geoffrion wept...

fromthepoint said...

The problem with this team is not Kari. Definitely not. The problem against the Isles was absolutely not Kari's fault. However, you are delusional if you think he is a top notch NHL goaltender. He is not.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Now that's blogging existential crisis we can believe in!

Five monkeys trying to fuck a football. LOL, as the kids say.

The world is so cruel.

Katebits said...