05 March 2009

For the record

I started this blog because I love hockey, and a good portion of my friends do not, and they got tired of reading about hockeyhockeyhockeyhockeyhockey on my personal blog all the time, so I decided to take it public, and write about what I knew and loved best - Kari Lehtonen, and myriad other players and teams I've come to love, or loathe, over the years.

I don't write here because I want a debate. I don't write here because I'm attention whoring and praying for comments. I'm not seeking attention, I don't ever want press credentials, I don't care if I'm acknowledged by the teams, or their fans. I write because I like writing, and I love hockey, and that's what I want to write on. I'm not breaking any new ground here. I rarely, if ever, write or post any original thoughts (except the ones that are littered with cuss words, those are all me!). This has become more of a scrapbook of my teams' and players' careers.

So if you don't agree with me, that's fine. I'm not trying to change your mind on anything. I'm writing what I feel and think, and what I want to remember. But in the same way I'm not trying to change your mind, please avoid attempting to change mine. Because it's not going to happen. I won't get into arguments, debates, or even heated discussions about anything I post.

All that said, from now on, I reserve the right to ignore or delete your comments. And frankly? If you don't have enough moxie to make up a fake name to comment with, don't even bother. If you feel strongly enough about what you think that you MUST tell me, and share with my 9 loyal readers, at least grow a set and attach SOME kind of name to your thoughts. You think my name is really Maali? Think again. The fact is, I don't care if you sign it "your mom," although I'd be a little shocked if either of my moms understood enough about hockey TO comment. I applaud creativity and well thought-out remarks, and love a great zing. If you can't contain your replies within that realm, just go start your own blog and post them there.

In summation:
- I'm writing for ME, not you;
- I'm not trying to change your mind on anything;
- Don't try and change my mind, cause you won't;
- If you're in accordance with the three rules above, comment away;
- Just keep in mind I'm not above deleting or locking comments.

And for further clarification? This WAS a sermon, NOT a thought.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry I love your comments and thought. There is no pussying a round with your posts, and you speak your mind. That and you cover my favourite goalie which not very many people even know who he is. :(

Your SwedCanadian bud

Maali said...

Well, next time you find yourself 'round DC way, you let me know. I'll buy a round and we can drink to the best Finn netminder that few people in the NHL knows about yet. =]

Anonymous said...

Lol he can only be over looked for so long. when he finds his way onto a different teams roster his career will just take off, and he will finally reach his potential. Also I might have to take you up on your offer if i ever find myself in your neck of the woods. Anyways keep up the good blogging.


Anonymous said...

Kari seems to me like a loyal guy, but do you think he will sign with the Thrashers again after all the have done for him or lack there of?


Anonymous said...

Ohh and awesome I get to see the Thrashers vs Canadians. First game of theirs I have seen for a few months.Lol I get excited easily sry for the flood of messages.

Cheers, SwedCan

Mortimer Peacock said...


There've been a few signals lately that Kari will stay with the Thrashers. More importantly, he WANTS to stay with the Thrashers. There seems to be a core of dedicated players developing, players that really want to fight to make the team better and not just run away.

Hopefully they'll be more successful than our GM and owners have been.