04 March 2009

Deadline Day has arrived

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I would like to add a caveat to yesterday's rage-fueled post. I've known Eric Perrin since we were both at UVM, and that guy busted his ASS to get into the NHL. I don't think most fans have even the slightest grasp of how hard he worked to get to the Show. Even after winning the Cup with the Bolts, he still went back to Europe because he wasn't appreciated or compensated properly. And for a guy like that, who doesn't want to move his family again, who has lived all over the world, and done everything he can to be and stay in the greatest league in the world, to say "I don't want to play on this NHL team," there is something HORRIBLY WRONG there. Add in that Eric might well be the nicest guy in the NHL (yeah yeah, they're ALL the nicest guys in the world), and this entire transaction stinks shit from the ground up.

Here's to hoping Kari's no longer a Thrasher by day's end.

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