02 March 2009

.... it's a start

ATLANTA: Acquired defenseman Anssi Salmela from the New Jersey Devils in exchange for defenseman Niclas Havelid and forward Myles Stoesz; recalled defenseman Grant Lewis from Chicago (AHL).
First Schneider, now Havelid - excellent. If Atlanta wants to, or has any intention of keeping Kari on this team, this is definitely a good start. Begin culling the dead weight d-men, and bring in more Finns.  You'll remember that D-Wad intended to bang out a deal with K's agent last week. You'll notice no such deal was done. In fact, all offers were rejected. And Kari's parents are in town, coincidentally at the trade deadline? This is a player who has no intention of staying where he is unless drastic measures are taken, and this move had better be just the beginning.

Raise your hand if you think his parents showed up to help him pack and give him moral support.

Raise your other hand if you caught all of the little chirps he threw out about the organisation after the post-game interview after the Carolina game.

If you look like this guy, you're most likely a big WINNER:

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