03 March 2009

Thrashers organsation: you are DEAD to me

And thus begins the full descent into complete hatred for this organisation. RUN KARI, RUN! GET OUT NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!

Did Perrin want out of Dodge? Absofuckinglutely, the man went to my Alma Mater, he's got a brain! Do you think he wanted the further kick in the ass and lack of respect that being waived offers players? Doubtful. Fuck you, Thrashers. 13:17 - Eric Perrin has been placed on waivers by the Atlanta Thrashers

And just in case I didn't say it, fuck you, Thrashers. I'll be spending the remainder time up to the deadline revamping my blog, because I absolutely positively can no longer enable nor support this type of behaviour, nor treatment of employees. I hope your fucking team is contracted and folds.

Kari, Eric, Jordy, love you guys. Jordy, I hope you can get the hell out of there too. Kari - seriously dude. RUN. Get the hell off this team. Go back to play for Jokerit! CALL SEAN AND SEE IF THE ISLANDERS NEED A GOALIE!!!!!



Mortimer Peacock said...

Is Vermont nice?

Maali said...

Yeah, it's beautiful! I'd LOVE to move back to B'town or Winooski, but who has money to MOVE these days? Or even to walk away from well paying yet soul-sucking jobs?

Mortimer Peacock said...

Very true. Nobody, I suspect.