17 March 2009

SORRY! I've been BUSY!

Fucking layoffs. Not that I got laid off. It's just intensified my workload. Yay for business? I'm not ignoring you guys though! I do love you, I do!! All 11 of my loyal and darling readers! God you look so good today. Whaddya, doing P90X?? You look amazing! Let's go out and get smashed tonight in honour of St Patrick driving the pagans from Ireland (yeah I don't get it either, but hey, Jesus is coming soon, so hide the eggs!)! I'm hoping we can start our tribute to religious persecution at work. Like in 10 minutes. WHAT TIME DO ALCOHOL SALES BEGIN?! I've taken up recreational alcoholism, if you were wondering.

I know, I know, sorry. You don't care about me, you want me to blow sunshine up Kari's ass, and swoon over the team. Lately I think the mainstream media's done a pretty great job of picking up my slack. 6 wins in a row, 2 shutouts (ALMOST THREE!!!!!), and thank GOD Ovie didn't get 50 on Kari. 60 last year was bad enough, and I though K's post-game remark about that was pretty funny.

Oh also? When you're interview the #1 star of the game on National Television, can you PLEASE make the damned effort to not call him CARRIE? Sweet bleeding Jesus, try and prepare a little better!

I still think Kari's playing mostly for next year's contract. The better he plays, the more other teams will try to woo him, and the more DW will have to up his contract offer since he's still RFA. So at this point, they could wind up hitting the cap ceiling just on K's contract alone - haha YOU GO, LEHTS! Speaking of awesome Finns, Salmo scoring his first NHL goal last night was pretty sick. Onnea, Salmo! Is there something about Finnish names that people can't say them right? Could someone please ASK Anssi how to say his name, since I haven't heard it said the same way twice.

I love that the team embarassed the fuck out of the Caps last night. I will be gloating to all the Caps fans later. Especially since my Bruins couldn't manage to do too too much in the way of embarassing them. Funny how the Caps aren't such hot shit when they don't have Game-Over Green on their blueline, eh? And here we all thought Ovechkin was carrying the team.

So Broddy goes for the new record tonight. I can't lie. I'm swooning over him because I've "watched" him go from a punk ass rook to the greatest of goalies. Well I can't lie, I was always swooning over him. Helllloooooo hot flexible goalie guy. Sorry, puckbunny moment, couldn't be helped. I'm not entirely sure I have the patience or temerity to actually WATCH the entire Devils game tonight (zzzzzzzzzzzzzztrap), but a little Jamesons goes a long way towards gearing me down. Maybe I'll just watch the post game stuff.

But well done Kari, well done Thrashers, and well done, Broddy!

Seriously, I have pictures. I know you're dying. I've just got to resize them before I can upload them. SOON I PROMISE!


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