10 March 2009

Ovechkin is god damned hilarious

Round these parts, all the famous athletes (namely, every questionably famous Redskin, Raven, and Wizard), has done a commercial for Eastern Motors - where your job's your credit. This is the #1 most recognisable jingle in the DMV area, and now, it has a little Russian flava! This was shot yesterday, and I. Can not. Stop. Laughing. My ass off. 

In comparison, here's one of the many ones the Redskins ( Clinton Portis, Jason Campbell, Chris Cooley and Antwaan Randle El) did:

You are welcome!


pkwaldrop said...

Ovie for Mayor

rin-x-x said...

Kari got a shut out. Honestly, its like the second coming of Christ.

Go Kari! :D:D

Maali said...

PK - except maybe not, hahaha. How about OV for ... whatever the fuck it is Bettman does! =D

Rin - Or, finally the RETURN of KARI!!! =D

pkwaldrop said...

Kari is starting to look like a goalie that could win playoff series for you.

His presence on the ice is changing.

Maali said...

I think he's playing for his upcoming contract negotiations. The more other teams offer him, the more Waddell has to pony up, and on and on ad infinitum.

rin-x-x said...

And Kari almost got another shut out against the Caps. 5-1! Weeee!

What is it about shitty teams that pump it up in March? (Steve Dangle has a solution to that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czkwDxpOKoY&feature=channel_page)

But seriously. o___o