03 June 2009


Remember me? I write this here blog. I'd like to give a shout out to Wayne who emailed me to ask me "what the fuck damn it!" I'd apologise for ignoring the blog (but not you dear readers, never you! My god you look so TAN! Have you been surfing?!), but the Thrash would have to apologise for their season and frankly I don't think they have my email. So.

No truthfully I managed to acquire Mono, and am also having existential crises. Laying in bed and sleeping is about the extent of my skillset right now.

Fact of the matter is, much like I reckon many of you are, I"m sick and tired of reading RUMOURS. If we listen to and believe all the rumours out there, Lehts better be cut up into 18 seperate goalies so he can go to the 18 teams that MUST HAVE HIM.

Now if anyone gives a shit, here's my thoughts on a few of those teams.

- Chicago: Kari played there with the Wolves and performed beautifully. With the young team they have and the WCF loss they'll be out to prove a point next season, and both Khabibulin and Huet are getting up there in years.
- Washington: See "Chicago" for why this would be a good team to play for. Also, it's closest to me at the moment. Obviously good reasoning. Additionally, this is a town for whom hockey is finally becoming a REAL SPORT but at the same time the players can walk down the street and no one notices them.
- Philadelphia: Would be a great city for him to play in except for the intense blame laid on the goalies there.
- Toronto: Would be like Philly except the scrutiny and criticism would be increased a hundredfold.
- LA: I just can't see it. I don't see Kari as an LA guy and I don't see him getting comfortable enough with everything to really let loose and just play his game the way he can. It could backfire horriffically.

So there's five. Obviously not 18.

In Bruins news, David Krejci signed a 3 year deal yesterday for an avg of 3.75m a year. Do you know how much I want to be a hockey player? I mean, I'd probably best be a hockey player on IR because while I have a pretty wicked wrister, I'm also pretty bad at abrupt stops. There would be a lot of goalie interference calls on me, so I would prefer to earn my multimillions sitting in the stands in a nice suit. Also, would be helpful were I a man. But yay Krech! Huge raise! 3 years! Let's go Bruins!

I'm going to work on redesigning the blog here in a bit. It's just not a Thrashers blog anymore. It was for a bit, mostly because I got waylaid and caught up. I wanted to be a Thrash fan cause of Kari, Jo, Perrsy and Colby. And others (hi Cowboy Zach!). But I just don't have the love for the logo on the front. If anything I have animosity for it because "incompetence and indifference" is not a good business plan.

I'm a Bruins girl. I know I didn't post during the playoffs and people will use that as "proof" I'm lying, but I really don't give a fuck. This is my blog, I"ll post what I want to post and you will like it. And if you don't like it, you can just go away. But if you require proof of fanship my mother is from Mass, and grew up watching Grapes coaching both the B's, and the Springfield team that I keep calling the Falcons, but was not the falcons back then. I cried when Ray Bourque lifted the Stanley Cup. Not because it was so awesome (though it totally was) but because he wasn't wearing the Spoked B. John Grahame and I have a history of flirting during warmups which goes back to his years with the Bruins. OMG WAS THAT YOUR PROOF THAT I'M A PUCK BUNNY?!?!?!?!? That was just for the losers out there waiting for a nugget.

Anyway, you guys have a good summer/off season. I'll be around sporadically as I figure out the direction this thing is going.

Kari'll be here chillin', waiting for a new contract.


Anonymous said...

thought you gave up on the blog lol. nice to know your still around, damn mono got you to huh? not fun, anyway get better.

still your bud, SwedCan

nebcanuck said...

Figured you were still around, but had no news! Too bad to hear about the health though!

robbie dee said...

john grahame? kari in a hoodie? what are you thinking, maali?!

get well soon!

Wayne from AL said...

You can scratch Philly off the list for Lehtonen...they just signed Emery

Maali said...

neb, you nailed it! not much to say.

robbie, i'm thinking mmmmmm loner goalies?

wayne, that's a relief actually. hahahah ray. i guess the khl didn't really work out for him eh?