11 June 2009

Venom Energy; Game 7

First up, interesting marketing psychology:

Venom has rounded up stars from a variety of sports as spokespeople to be featured in marketing campaigns and in-store promotions in their teams' respective geographic regions. Dr Pepper/Snapple Group's Venom Energy line is leveraging consumers' devotion to their local sports teams and heroes to the max with a marketing approach that uses 14 different sports stars regionally rather than one star throughout the country.
The sports stars signed include Joe Johnson (Atlanta Hawks), Adam Jones (Baltimore Orioles), Milan Lucic (Boston Bruins), Lance Briggs (Chicago Bears), DeMarcus Ware (Dallas Cowboys), Kenyon Martin (Denver Nuggets), Pavel Datsyuk (Detroit Red Wings), Lance Berkman (Houston Astros), Jordan Farmar (Los Angeles Lakers), Joey Porter (Miami Dolphins), Max Talbot (Pittsburgh Penguins), Roger Mason (San Antonio Spurs), Patrick Willis (San Francisco 49ers) and Lofa Tatupu (Seattle Seahawks).
Frankly I'm a little surprised at the three selections. Not for their respective cities; Looch is a god in Boston, Datsyuk is revered, and Talbot's adored for his wacky sense of humour and sick sick game. Although I will say I'm surprised that of all the professional athletes in Boston right now, Looch is the one they went with - one of the young anchors of a team eliminated in the 2nd round.  Dude don't the Sox have anyone? Maybe not with more influence over the city. But anyway, interesting inside view at sports marketing. Moving on.

So who do you think's going to win tomorrow night? Everyone automtically says, Detroit hasn't lost at home. And someone told me recently that you don't have a series for real til someone loses at home. Which hasn't happened this series. So the foregone conclusion is that Detroit'll take it all again.

Lord in Heaven, Let Sid Win It in Seven

But that's wherein lies the intrigue of the game. Everyone assuming Detroit will just win because of their home/road record is underestimating the Pens, and in the last game of the season regardless, you can't underestimate anyone. The Pens didn't get this far just to fall flat on their faces in Detroit. Frankly, I'm sick and fucking tired of Detroit winning. I'll make no predictions other than tomorrow should be the greatest game we've seen all year. I hope you're planning on watching.

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