01 October 2009

MY news IS fit to print!

Apparently, someone (The New York Times) thought my blog was insightful, witty, and intelligent enough to invite me to be on this year's panel of Hockey Night in Blogdom - 30 independent hockey bloggers covering each team. Wow, I'm totally honoured. Like, fuhrealz. I'm in the NEW YORK TIMES! *gasp*

Anyway, check out installment number one - 30 teams in 30 minutes - Eastern Edition.


I have to go tamp my enthusiasm by watching the Leafs/Habs game now. Cause Luke Schenn is a God, and as I may have mentioned earlier, I can't watch the Bruins game til 4am. Do not even THINK about emailing me to tell me what happens!!! The gaggle of Kessel jerseys in the ACC had me gagging.

I'M IN THE NEW YORK TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michael said...


Unsurprisingly, you were entertaining as always in the NYT. Of course, now that you've been in that particular publication I'm going to have to accuse you of being part of the Liberal Media.

Maali said...

I have no idea what liberal media is, but I'm pretty liberal on the whole. I've hugged a tree, but I bathe and shave, ok?

Wayne stuck in AL said...

"I've hugged a tree, but I bathe and shave, ok?"

Can anyone verify that?

Maali said...

Well. Yes but no. Then I'd have to show the world my tattoos.

Wayne stuck in AL said...

"Then I'd have to show the world my tattoos."


Tramp stamp or just a hipster?

Maali said...

Neither. I'm a tattoo artist. I have 17 currently. I think. Maybe 18. I dunno. I stopped counting.

Thrashers Recaps said...

Awesome coverage