05 October 2009

Confession and format change

Good morning, loyal readers (all three of you. Assuming I lost one due to their apparent dislike of tattooed ladies). I just wanted to drop a quick FYI/Confession to everyone that I've decided my heart is no longer in following and chronicling the Thrashers. My adoration and respect for Kari Lehtonen was the main reason being the beginning of this blog, and with his constant injuries and illnesses, in addition to the (as of last season) poor play of the team around him, I just can't drum up the interest to keep writing about the Thrash. Once Kari returns to form, I'll be more than happy to write about and post photos of him critiquing his play and  providing the accolades he so well deserves.

However, my heart has returned to its roots in New England, and the Northeast Division. Instead of chronicling the Thrashers and their mishaps, I'll be turning instead to writing about the Bruins and their methodic destruction of every team in the league (that loss to the Caps doesn't count). I'll also periodically be dropping a blurb or two about the Leafs, and my favourite up-and-coming defenceman Luke Schenn.

I'm aware that by doing this, I'm likely to lose quite a few readers, and that's okay. I never started this blog to get public attention, or kudos, or get my name out there in the blogosphere. I started it to chronicle the careers of the teams and players I love. And my New England roots won't ever let me forget my love for the Hub of Hockey, especially with Mr Milan Lucic quickly becoming the most feared and respected fighter in the NHL. Fighting is what got me into hockey in the first place - a great late-night game on ESPN (oh those were the days) between the Kings and some other team not featuring Luc Robitaille, and blood was spilled, and LEFT ON THE ICE! How awesome is a game where they can beat the crap out of each other and leave the evidence right there for everyone to see, as a reminder? Granted they no longer leave the blood on the ice, and there's ads on the boards now, and all over the ice surface, but at the heart of it, the game is the same, and I have to be honest - I bleed Black and Gold.

I have informed the New York Times of my decision to no longer cover the Thrashers, and as such have recommended Waldorf and Stadler over at Blueland Chronicle to take my place, as I feel they're the best independent Thrasher bloggers out there.

Thanks for sticking with me the past two and half seasons, and I hope some of you will continue carrying on with me once I switch over to writing about the B's. If not, no hard feelings. After all, this blog is mostly for me, and my memories, not for anyone else.

Take it easy, kids.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I was wondering when that might happen, with Kari not actually playing and all.
But i'll still read your stuff because you ARE a tattooed lady. ooooh yeeeah.
good recommendation with the B.C. crew. I hope the N.Y.T. takes you up on the suggestion.

and don't ever forget House Rule #4.

-Satchel Pooch

Maali said...

But... the dog IS a toy! :)

- Bucky

Thrashers Recaps said...


nebcanuck said...

Sounds fine to me. I can't even remember how I ended up on here reading along, but to be honest the Thrashers aren't a team that interest me in the least.

The Bruins, at the very least, are a well-run Original Six franchise which is performing beyond expectations the last few years. Thomas is a huge story over the last few years, and Chara is just huge. So I'm game to hear more about them as you write.

Maybe I'll even comment more often, since they're in the same division as teams that actually affect me.

Big Shooter said...

I think we all saw this one coming! :-) If you are gonna leave us, might as we go to the Bruins!!

Maali said...

TR: I sorry hun. But you can still read me!

NEB: Who do you follow?! I THOUGHT IT WAS THE CANUCKS!!!! :)

BS: Well I hope you guys do a good job with the NYT! KEEP READING ME BITCH!

Mortimer Peacock said...

Realize I haven't commented here in ages, but I do still read, and I'll still be reading even though Kari is injured and this is now Bruins territory.

Does this mean I should move the link to this here blog from "Thrashers Liberation Front" to "At Large" over at the Chronicle?