17 October 2009

You're doing it wrong.

Apparently last night, Milan Lucic broke a finger. Halfway through the 2nd. And kept playing. But is out of the line up. And on the bench. For probably 2-3 weeks. Maybe more, maybe less.

So Lucic-less Bruins to take on Soon-to-be-homeless Coyotes. But Guillaume Lefebvre, not to be confused with Bret Favre, will be stepping in for Looch. Not sure on what line, or who's going where or really, whether to wind my butt or scratch my watch, but hey the Leafs are only down by 1 after the 1st! So there's that.

Maybe tomorrow I'll talk about what's wrong with the Leafs. It could be a long post. Maybe a short one. Maybe I can do it now: Everything. Someone make that team watch Miracle.

Get well soon, Looch. Can you splint that thing and play anyway?

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