18 October 2009

Schenn shirts now available / Leafs analysis

Having done about a thousand Google searches of my own for Luke Schenn shirts, I'm pleased to share with the world that they're now available for purchase through the ACC Centresports Store. You can either go in to purchase one, or have it shipped to you. It's the regular blue shirt with white TML logo, and SCHENN / 2 on the back. Cost is $32.59CDN, plus $20 shipping if you need it shipped. If you're in the US, that works out to $50.43USD. You can purchase by calling the Centresports Store at 416/815.5746. M-S 10:00-17:00, U 12:00-17:00.

In semi-related news, I'm thinking about slapping this on a shirt and having them printed up:

Possibly with SCHENN/2 on the back. Thinking it over. Obviously that one would be for the laaaadies. I'm trying to find a good picture for the general public. And I'm also trying to figure out how to manipulate the Obama blue/red into Toronto Blue/White and also Bruins Black/Gold so that I can make some Bruins ones. I mean, hello? Who wouldn't want LOOCH SMASH? Mmmhm.

Analysis: What's Wrong With the Leafs?

Anyway I said I was going to get into what's wrong with the Leafs today. I'll stick with my former assessment and say "everything." They really do need to sit down as a team and watch Miracle, because the legs DO feed the wolves, gentlemen, and from the drop of the puck last night, they team almost consistently skated as if they were in mud. If it's spring, if they're playing in a warmer city, that's almost acceptable. But it's nearing winter, and they're playing on home ice. It was nearly painful to try and watch - particularly the part where Sean Avery mentioned how every team he's on plays above .500. Am I the only one who wanted to beat him with a shoe? Obviously not, that was a rhetorical question.

What I think is really wrong with the Leafs is Ron Wilson. Very likable man, but not a good coach. I'm almost never one to say "FIRE THE COACH!" but in this instance, I think that's really the only thing that can be done to turn this team around. All the pieces are there in terms of cog in the team wheel, although I'm still LMFAO that they thought Garnet Exelby would be a good addition to their d-corps. Another huge problem, last night at least, was playing Schenn on the left. Don't put a young D-man on his off-side just so you can pair him up with a different partner. That's how you ruin an up-and-coming player's confidence, and the skill they've built thusfar. A winger is one thing, because the wingers are constantly switching sides as the plays develop, but a defenceman's another story entirely, especially a teenager. Let him get used to the system, let him re-find his NHL legs, let him get used to all the new d-men he's got on the team before you go rattling him and moving him to the off-side. Unsettling your players is the last thing you want to do when you're working your way towards the lifetime achievement of "worst start in the history of the NHL" (although, are the Isles up there too, poor JT). Shaking up the lines and pairings is one thing. Switching players to their off-wing, off-side, or unnatural position is another thing entirely, and is, dare I say, stupid. Tonnes of Leafs fans are hoping and praying Phil Kessel is the saviour they want Schenn to be and I hate to break it to them, but without a quality centre, which they STILL don't seem to have, considering the last 7 games, Kessel is just going to be another struggling player in a system already full of them.

In summation: Keep your young star D-man on his correct side, find a really amazing centre (I'm thinking Kadri here), fire the coach, set the lines and let them fucking be. And have those boys bag skate and stickhandle through an entire rink of cones, until they puke, because the stickhandling and skating is just out-of-control bad.

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Wayne stuck in AL said...

0-5-1 (or whatever) and they're already declaring a SAVIOR? Looks they NEED a savior instead...