25 November 2009

The greatest things are on Flickr

Oh Milan Lucic. How awesomely geeky are you?  Thanks to Artimus Duck on flickr for this one:

This could have only been greater if Luke Schenn were in between Darth Vader and Chewie.

Marc Savard being interviewed by Cabbie in a bedazzled Ed Hardy shirt. This is pure gold, people. This photo could only be better if Sav had on leather pants and a sequined hat. Never change, Savvy. We love you just the way you are!


eyebleaf said...

Lucic is awesome, but I certainly don't approve of Savard's Ed Hardy gear. That shit is bloody awful!!!!1

And thanks for the link. Much appreciated.

around the way girl said...

Looch sets the bar. Sometimes. Savvy both sets and lowers the bar. He's the only 32 year old that I know of that will publicly wear bedazzled Ed Hardy AND Gongshow wear without any sense of irony. I really want to buy him a tiara.