24 November 2009

Most amazing thing I've ever seen

Many years ago, I used to watch Dainius Zubrus try to perfect deflecting the puck into the goal with his ass. Then I actually saw him use it in a game, and I was blown away.

Last night I saw something that beats that, hands down.

Milan Lucic deflected the GWG into the net with his crotch. Now there's a SLIM possibility it grazed his hip on the way in but I am prrrrrrrrrrrretty sure it grazed his jock and changed direction.

That, my friends, is talent.

Here is where I would generally bemoan that coach didn't start out Looch, Savvy and Bitzy together, but that's okay because I'm pretty sure Julien was playing Yahtzee with his lines, because there were multiple times where there were 4 forwards out for extended periods of times, so, whatever. WIN!

Leafs sorta win
OK, they lost in OT. To the Islanders. But here's the important thing. JOHN TAVARES HAD ONE SHOT ON GOAL AND THAT WAS IT. No other stats. I have this kid on my fantasy team and elected to play Krejci and Bergeron, and bench Tavares. Good call since Bergie put up four (4) assists in the game, and Krejc at least had a few more SOG. There was even a point where, and I don't know the LeafsTV announcers well enough, this was said "And Luke Schenn will really speed out of the zone." It warmed the cockles. Luke and the word speed in the same sentence without the use of "needs."

I'll also admit I wasn't watching the Leafs game except following it on NHL.com, but a point is a point, even if it came out of a crushing defeat where the boys came back from 3-0 and never stopped fighting. Who here saw the movie Summer School?  That's where I learned that you don't have to do perfect in order to be good. You just have to keep learning, and keep improving. Sure, they lost. But they played hard, their game has improved, and listen people, Rome wasn't built in a day. That light at the end of the tunnel is getting a little bigger after each game. Um. I'm going to put my pom poms away now.

But seriously, folks. Looch scored with his jock. Epic. I'll find photos. Or rip down the goal and post it on the YouTubes. You gotta see it.


k of c said...

Yes, I'm going to have to see that goal...Not only did I not see the Bruins in person (I knew there were cheap tickets and I was considering a daytrip), but Leafs and B's were the two games I couldn't find online feeds for last night. Arrghhh...

I'm a Blackhawks fan in Chicago, but Bruins and Leafs are the other teams I follow--I just found your blog last week and enjoy it...

Wayne stuck in AL said...

When you get over 60 shots on goal, and STILL lose, you're cursed.